Tips for Optimizing Web Pages

The vast majority of today’s business owners have at least a basic understanding of the many benefits of careful web design. They know that their sites must make an immediate positive impression on browsers, look professional, and be as user-friendly as possible. What many business owners who are not in-the-know fail to understand, though, is the importance of taking search engine optimization (SEO) into account when creating or redesigning a site.

Those who are new to SEO may assume that it’s just as effective to go back and add content, tags, and other features to existing sites, but in reality, it’s always better to hire a company to design or redesign a website with SEO in mind from the beginning. Read on to find out about a few things to look for when it comes to SEO-friendly web design.

Image SEO

Optimizing images for search algorithms is more complex than many readers may think. It involves incorporating alt-tags into the metadata of each picture, but effective image SEO goes beyond mere tagging alone. Web designers should also ensure that images are small enough in size to allow quick load times, as slower page loads can have a dramatic negative impact on rankings. It’s also essential that site designers use appropriate keywords when naming their images, as this helps browsers find the site easier.

Optimize URLs

Domain names are important, but not as important as search-friendly page names. It’s a good idea to use page names that will come up in user searches for related services and to incorporate geographic information such as town names into URLs. This will help businesses of all sizes attract more local traffic.

Mobile Compatibility

Search engines such as Google penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly, which makes sense given that the majority of today’s browsers use their smartphones to browse the internet more than they use their laptop or desktop computers. Incorporating a FAQ section into the site can help to ensure that the site’s content is able to answer the questions users pull up through voice recognition as well.

Update Regularly

Even an extremely well-designed site won’t do a business owner much good it if isn’t updated regularly, as pages that incorporate regular updates in the form of blog posts, videos, and images are prioritized over those that do not in Google rankings. New blog content should be added regularly and it’s a good idea to update the site’s most important pages by adding images, products, or the latest industry news as well. This helps to keep content relevant in addition to making it more appealing to search engines.


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